Zoetis Relief from Flies a Horse Owners Leaflet

Monday, 22nd February 2016

Horses are prone to attack from many species of fly, including the midge Cullicoides, which are irritating to the horse and can cause disease such as Sweet Itch. Horses are not only at risk of fly related diseases such as dermatitis, pruritic (itchy) conditions, lumps and skin lesions, they are likely to become stressed and uncomfortable in the summer fly season. Flies can also carry other parasites, which can infect the horse. Horses can also be affected by lice. Lice typically cause itching of the head, neck and flanks, and usually appear in the winter. This can lead to hair loss and self trauma, and if the infestation is severe it can cause anaemia and make the horse susceptible to other disease.

DEOSECT is a product for controlling external parasites. The active ingredient, cypermethrin, is the only prescription product to control flies and midges for up to 4 weeks providing long term relief. DEOSECT also effectively controls lice. It can be applied using a sprayer or a sponge to suit your individual horse’s needs. With one 250ml tin providing 25 treatments for fly and lice control for your horse, DEOSECT is ready to be prepared, summer or winter – whenever you may need it.  

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