Why You Need to Know your Horses Weight for worming

Tuesday, 31st July 2012

Underdosing horse wormers can lead to resistance, this is because if a horse is given a lower than indicated dose not all of the worms are killed, so the worms that survive may and become more tolerant to the drug in the wormer.

Most bathroom scales are not suitable for weighing, a horse and guessing is well, just guess work. So how can we estimate the weight of a horse?

Weight tapes are a useful tool, they measure the girth of the horse in estimated kilograms, but if you do not have access to a tape it is possible to use a formula to estimate your horses weight by measuring the girth and length of your horse and then using a formula.

Girth- measure the horse behind the elbow and round the withers in centimetres

Length-Measure from the shoulder diagonally to the buttock in centimetres.

Weight in Kilograms= girth(cm)2 x length (cm) / 11877