Why Worming Pets is Important if you have Children

Saturday, 28th July 2012

There are lots of good reasons for worming your dog or cat, but in this article we will look at one of the most important aspects; the health of ourselves and our kids.

Certain diseases can be passed from animals to people, this is called zoonosis, meaning some parasites or worms can be passed from your pet to people and this can be dangerous, especially to children or pregnant women.

One of the reasons is that people are not the natural host for these type of worms so they can tunnel about causing damage such as liver or lung disease, and blindness. Lets look at this in more detail starting with routes of infection.

Worms can be passed to people in a number of ways usually by eating worm eggs, which is why it is so important to clean up after your dog: especially in parks where children play; but this also means that people can get infected from the ground, by working in the garden, playing on a sports pitch or even your kids playing in a sand pit. But this is not the only way it is possible to pick up worm eggs, as studies have shown a quarter of dogs have worm eggs in their coats, meaning you can become infected by petting or stroking your dog. Another way is letting your pet lick you; after all they do lick their bums.

Don't think your dog has not got worms just because they look healthy, and puppies are usually more infectious than older dogs which can be a worry as most children love puppies.

The two worms that can cause problems in the UK are roundworms and tapeworms.

Roundworms, latin name toxocara canis in dogs and toxocara cati in cats infect people by worm eggs while adults immune system may kill these parasites kids are more susceptible as their immune system is more vulnerable and they do love playing on the ground and stroking pets. The larvae can migrate through the body if they reach the retina they can cause blindness.

Tapeworms, latin name echinococcus granulosus, infects both sheep and dogs this can larval cyts which could grow to a large size in the lungs, liver or even the brain. Children could become infected by stroking a dog, playing in contaminated ground or even eating infected food such as raw vegetables and salad.

To keep you and your family safe we would recommend that you:

Always use a poop scoop or poo bags

Wash salads and vegetable carefully

Worm your dog and cat with a suitable wormer at regular intervals

Worming helps in a number of ways: firstly by keeping your pet healthy, and secondly by reducing worm eggs in the surrounding environment.

Dog Wormers like Drontal kill more types of roundworm and tapeworm than any other wormer except clones like Easimax whilst Panacur can be best for puppies and pregnant bitches, the worming of which we will cover in another article.

Drontal cat wormer and Panacur cat wormers are also available

The article is called 'Why Worming Pets is Important if you have Children' but really responsible worming and environmental cleanliness is important for everyone.

Hope this helps and any questions please leave a comment or you can email us sales@hyperdrug.co.uk or phone us on 01833 641112 we are always happy to talk about worming.