Stress in Horses

Saturday, 28th July 2012

Horses can find all sorts of situations distressing, young horses can often nervous getting into a trailer for the first time, and sometimes they just never get over it, becoming more and more upset as they get older. While other horses just hate the vet or going to events.

If you have tried your luck at horse whispering and failed a new product may help.

Zylkene for horses

Zylkene has been on the market for pets for quite a while, but now the same product is available for equines: Zylkene for horses may help fight stress in your horse. It is an apple flavoured powder that you can mix with their feed.

Given daily it may help both horses with genuine behavioural problems in conjunction with training and therapy. Whilst also being helpful for horses with brief stressful periods, like A visit to the dentist or the farrier.

Let us know how you get on with it.