Solving flea problems

Wednesday, 1st August 2012

Allergy to Fleas

If your pet is still scratching after using flea drops they may have developed an allergy to flea dust which may last for months after the fleas have gone. Insecticides are not a treatment for allergies. In severe cases steroids may be used to control the itching.

Household Sprays are Available

Most good household sprays such as Indorex, Acclaim or Staykill contain Permethrin or similar insecticides to kill adult fleas and a “growth regulator” to stop flea eggs hatching for 12 months. Skoosh was insecticide free and contained silicones but the effect only lasted for 14 days. If you are sill finding fleas after treatment it is wise to use a household flea spray wherever the pets have been including pet bedding, around kick boards in fitted kitchens and furniture close to carpets. All licensed flea drops work- Most complaints are about “Frontline” and this is simply because more of these are sold than any other brand although Permethrin products may produce fewer complaints because it is the only insecticide to repel fleas and ticks as well as

kill them.

The Pesky Pupae Stage

Unfortunately insecticidal sprays do not kill the pupae stages of fleas, so many of these can still hatch out for some weeks to re-infect pets. The only product certain to kill pupae work by coating them in silicone and thorough treatment of the home is essential. Unfortunately however they only have a very short duration of action. “Skoosh” the original product of this type is no longer produced but Duramitex Plus marketed for avians and Bob Martin “All in One Spray” are similar.

Tackling Flea Infestation

At a conference on flea treatment (yes we live for pleasure here at Hyperdrug!) a vet working for the makers of Effipro flea treatment, recommended that if you really wanted to get rid of fleas, the answer was to use a flame thrower!

While we do not recommend this there are things that you can do:

Try a different ingredient in your flea treatment for example Advantage has some effect on the household and bedding.

Regular use of the vacuum cleaner keeps down the level of contamination and the vibration caused and warmth helps Pupae to develop faster.

Use of a insecticididal flea spray at regular intervals.

Use of a short term Pupae spray such as All in One Spray

Hard work