Pet Prescriptions

Saturday, 1st September 2012

Q. Why are prescription medicines for animals so expensive?

A All medicines have to made to very high standards and tested to make sure they

are safe. Unfortunately there is no “NHS” for animals and as the market for animal medicines is much smaller than that for human ones it makes veterinary medicines more expensive to produce.

Q. I can get “human” prescriptions dispensed at any pharmacy so why can I only get pet prescriptions from the Vet ?

A. Whenever a vet prescribes he MUST offer clients a prescription which can be

dispensed elsewhere. Hyperdrug can supply any veterinary medicine available in the UK and a price list of popular ones is on their website.

Q. My Vet has never offered me a prescription.

A.Unfortunately this is not unusual despite the efforts of the Royal College of

Veterinary Surgeons to ensure Vets obey their legal & professional obligations

Your solution is to “remind” any vet who “forgets” to offer a prescription.

Q. Can they charge for writing a prescription ?

A Yes-but this must be “reasonable” bearing in mind they charge “consultation fees” anyway. Their own president told a government inquiry that “if any charge was made at all £2 would cover cost of paper and ink”

However typical “clerical fees” range from nothing to around £10 but are

negotiable. Clients approaching a new practice may well be able to have any such fees waived.

Q. is it worthwhile getting a prescription then ?

A. Usually YES- Hyperdrug may well charge half or even less than most Vets for the same drugs. Compare your last bill with the prices on the Hyperdrug web site or phone 0844 7000 800 for a quote

Remember also that prescriptions can be for regular treatments can be “repeatable”. eg if a prescription says “Repeat three times” four supplies in total can be obtained whenever convenient.

Q. Can I fax or email you a prescription.

A A prescription is a legal document so we need the original