New Coopers Gut Support

Friday, 26th February 2016

The NEW Coopers Gut Range for horses.

What is this ?

It is a new range of feed supplements to help maintain a healthy bacterial flora and hind-gut function .

Why is this important ?

Horses have evolved to eat fibre for a large potion of their day. This is digested by means of fermentation by beneficial bacteria to provide energy and protect from harmful bacteria.

What happens if this balance of beneficial bacteria is altered by modern feeding practices ?

If fibre content of feed is not sufficient and stress for example from exercise of transport occurs this can lead to such conditions as colonic ulceration, diarrhoea, poor performance and behaviour or lack of condition.

How can Coopers Gut range help ?

There are three products in the range designed to keep horses healthy from the inside out and all contain prebiotics and postbiotics.

What are they ?

COOPERS GUT EQUALISE Is a prebiotic and postbiotic paste to maintain normal digestive function in horses or help to establish normal digestive bacteria in foals. It is packed in oral syringes.

COOPERS GUT SUPPORT consists of Prebiotic and Postbiotic pellets to be fed either with feed or alone. It is especially useful during long spells of disturbance to the large intestine

COOPERS GUT ASSIST is a powder once again containing Prebiotic and Postbiotics plus smectite, which is a natural clay with adsorbent properties.

What is the difference between a Prebiotic and a Postbiotic ?

Prebiotics are food ingredients which are not digested but act as a food source for beneficial Bacteria. Postbiotics are beneficial substances produced during bacterial fermentation in the gut.

Is it necessary to use Probiotics as well ?

No—the combination of Prebiotics and Postbiotics makes this unnecessary.