New alert system on twitter for Parvo Virus

Tuesday, 6th November 2012

A new alert system has been launched to inform veterinary professionals and dog owners of reported cases of parvo virus.

@parvoalert by Virbac animal health is a twitter feed that displays the outcode of the postcode with the known case of Parvo.

Virbac is enlisting the support of vets and owners to keep the feed up to date by tweeting the first half of any postcode where there is a known outbreak to @parvoalert which they then retweet.

Simon Boughton MRCVS and product manager at Virbac Animal Health states: "While it is not as common as some other infectious diseases, when outbreaks occur- as they did earlier this year in South Wales abd Oxford- the disease proves fatal in around half of diagnosed dogs."

Of course it is vital that owners vaccinate their dogs, but sadly this is not always the case which may be because owners are largely unaware of the dangers.