Killer Dog Disease Hits UK

Friday, 18th March 2016

An outbreak of Babesiosis in Harlow Essex has dog owners throughout the country concerned for well being of their dogs and has sparked fears that the deadly disease could spread throughout the country. Babesiosis is spread by the American dog tick.

Ticks suck the blood of reptiles, birds and are particularly attracted by the warmth and smell of mammals. They are unpleasant and the infections they carry can cause serious disease in both humans and animals.  It was compulsory for all dogs coming into the UK and Ireland to be treated against ticks but this requirement was dropped in 2012. 

As a result the American dog tick 'Dermacentor Reticulatus' has now been found in Essex and has infected dogs with Babesia canis which has caused serious illness and death. 

What can be done to protect dogs?

Dogs should be checked thoroughly for ticks and any found should be removed AT ONCE with a 'tick hook'. The sooner the tick is removed the less the risk of infection.  

Do flea drops kill ticks?

Not all do - the insecticide imidacloprid does not kill ticks.

What is the most effective drop to use?

The tick awareness charity recommends the use of Permethrin based products which both REPEL and KILL ticks as well as fleas.

Which products contain Permethrin?

Easidrop Flea & Ticks drops contain Permethrin.