Joint Problems In Dogs

Wednesday, 17th February 2016

Joint problems in dogs

Dogs like humans tend to develop stiffness and arthritis with increasing years. There are a number of “Prescription Medicines” that are widely prescribed. These usually contain Meloxicam,Carprofen or Firocoxib. Every vet is obliged to offer a written prescription to their clients when prescription medicines are prescribed which our pharmacy can dispense at highly competitive prices.

Joint Supplements

These are often used either alone or in conjunction with prescription medicines and sometimes permit dosages of these to be reduced. Most of these products contain Glucosamine sometimes combined with Collagen or Chondroitin. Older animals may not be able to produce enough Glucosamine to maintain healthy joints so supplementation is worth considering. As joint stiffness develops slowly many owners only realise the extent of the problem when their dogs regain mobility and start to enjoy “walkies” once more. Research has shown that arthritic joints may only have 30% of the normal level of sulphur in younger animals and MSM - a form of organic sulphur that is readily absorbed - is often given as a supplement together with Glucosamine.

It is important to give sufficient Glucosamine for it to work and the levels in your chosen product should be checked carefully. Price is no guide to quality as some of the most expensive brands are very dilute.

Glucomax Professional Powder contains very high levels of Glucosamine Collagen and MSM plus Vitamin C with a 900g tub (6 months maintenance dose) currently costing just £17.49

Glucomax Active Capsules are available for those who prefer capsules and Glucomax + Chondroitin tablets give higher levels of both ingredients than some brands at around three times the price.

Devils Claw is also used for stiffness but evidence of effectiveness is less convincing than for Glucosamine and it should never be used in pregnant animals.