How can I tell if my dog or cat has fleas?

Thursday, 13th June 2013

How can I tell if my dog or cat has fleas?

Fleas can cause irritation where they bite and can make your cat or dog itchy. So look for signs of excessive grooming, such as licking or scratching. This can lead to sore, red skin which in turn can in turn lead to bald patches; and if the skin has been broken could result in a skin infection. These bald patches are commonly on the back but can appear around their head and belly too.

You can also look for flea droppings, sometimes called flea dirt, by back combing the animals fur. Look for black specks on the coat. You can also moisten some tissue or paper roll and rub this against the pets coat, if this turns red it is likely that they are flea droppings.

You might never see any fleas on your pets coat as they are very quick moving and hard to see, if you are sure that your dog or cat does not have fleas but they have skin irritation or itching they you should see your vet.

With central heating fleas can live in the house all year.

Flea Treatment for dogs:

We have flea treatment for dogs. It is important to remember that tapeworm is carried by fleas so worming is important too. We offer some worm and flea treatment combo packs for dogs .

FleaTreatment for cats:

We have a great range of flea treatment for cats including combined packs such as Drontal and Advantage worm and flea treatments for cats.

Remember to treat the house:

Household flea sprays include Indorex, Acclaim and Nuvan Staykill