Horse Wormers and Worming Webinar

Tuesday, 8th September 2015

Worming horses can become confusing there are many different programmes and horse wormers with different brand names. Often these horse wormers can have the same active ingredients which can lead to confusion where horse owners think they have swapped a wormer for a different active ingredient but they have simply changed manufacturer but the molecule in the horse wormer remains the same. Pasture management as well as faecal egg counts are important in worm control and these underlying principles play a key role in parasite management.

Recently Hyperdrug in conjunction with Zoetis the makers of Equest and Pramox created a webinar which was broadcast live to horse owners to help provide the knowledge needed to help maintain your horses health. This webinar contains the latest information on worming and horse wormers which highlights out of date methods of worm control as well as key information on worm control planning. As well as identifying the most important parasites that affect horses.